How To Make Mustard

How To Make Mustard

You may be thinking that this website being about pickling and preserving, “how does that involve mustard?”. Mustard is a pickle, in this case, a condiment like a tomato ketchup or brown sauce. Essentially mustards are pickled mustard seed and they can come in a variety of different blends from simple dijon mustard that is …

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Preserving Fruit In Syrup

Preserving Fruit In Syrup

There is something really satisfying about preserving fruit, either halved or whole in syrup. A lot of fruit preserves process the fruit in such a way that everything is broken down. Taking a half peach or whole cherries out of a jar and eating it in the middle of winter is immensely enjoyable. The Beauty …

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Does Vinegar Go Bad?

There seems to be a lot of misconceptions about vinegar and I have been asked a number of times whether vinegar can go bad.  The fact that store-bought vinegar has a best before date adds to the confusion so let’s clear things up and find out whether vinegar can go bad. This article relates to …

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Dehydrating Mushrooms

Dehydrating Mushrooms – The Best Way Of Preserving Mushrooms?

Mushrooms are probably one of the best foods for drying. Mushrooms retain or even boost their flavours after being dehydrated and rehydrate in such a way that you can’t even tell they aren’t fresh mushrooms. Preparing Mushrooms To Dehydrate Mushrooms dry really well. Their texture and porousness mean that they dry a lot quicker than …

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