Pickling Brine Calculator

Pickling Brine Calculator

This brine calculator can be used to work out the ratios of salt and water to create the perfect brine to pickle and ferment vegetables.

To use the calculator simply select your preferred units of measurement and then fill in the following:

The percentage brine you wish to use.

The amount of brine to make.

The percentage of brine refers to the percentage of salt in solution, as a rough estimate most vegetables are fermented at around 2.5% – 5% but some vegetables are fermented in a 10% brine such as olives. You should refer to your chosen recipe to find an accurate percentage.

The amount of brine to make simply refers to the quantity. If you are using a litre jar to ferment your vegetables in you will, of course, want to make just under a litre of brine to fill the jar to capacity and take into account the vegetables that are in the jar.