Why Preserve Food

About Preserve & Pickle

Welcome to Preserve and Pickle. Ever since I can remember I have loved the taste of preserved food. Whether it is cured meats, charcuterie or jerky, it could be a tangy pickle, fermented vegetable or dried fruit. I have always had an affinity towards preserved foods.

It is not just the act of preserving food that transforms it. Modern methods of food preservation are available that don’t radically alter the taste or texture of the food. These are great and something we should never take for granted.

It is the more traditional and cultural methods of preserving food that have always drawn me in.

Tradition, Taste and Flavour of Preserved Foods

Sauerkraut is an example of a preserved food that really transforms the basic ingredient involved, cabbage.

Cabbage and salt together is all that is required to lift these basic ingredients into something completely unique. The sour, piquancy achieved in preserving the cabbage creates a taste that is impossible to achieve otherwise.

As soon as a food source is harvested whether it be fruit, vegetable, nut, meat or fish it begins to spoil. Preserving these foods meant that ancient societies didn’t have to hunt or gather every day. More time could be devoted to other endeavours and people could create roots or travel to unknown regions without fear of not having food.

It is through food preservation that civilisation developed, technology improved and new lands were explored.

In our modern world where space travel is becoming more frequent, it is only possible because of food preservation techniques.

What Preserve & Pickle Is All About

Fermenting, pickling, drying, curing, salting, smoking, jams and jellies. All these methods of food preservation have deep cultural and traditional relevance. They are also all ways of making delicious foods. This is what we are all about.

Preserve & Pickle is all about flavour, transformation and techniques to make food taste great as well a making it last longer.