Dehydrating Mango

Dehydrating Mango Using A Dehydrator Or Oven

Dried mangos are perfect snack food. Even the fussiest of eaters seem to like dehydrated mango because drying them out intensifies the flavour, sweetness and gives them a great chewy texture almost like a chewy candy.

I use a dehydrator to dry mango and a budget dehydrator is a really good investment. They are really affordable now and gives you so many possibilities that you won’t just be dehydrating mango but hundreds of fruits, vegetables or even making jerky.

That being said, if you don’t have a dehydrator you can still dry mango in the oven on some racks. It will take a little longer but the result is still delicious.

Preparing Mango For Drying

It goes without saying, you want to use the freshest, ripest mangoes you can find. Even though they are being dehydrated the better quality you start with the better the dried mango will be.

Wash and remove the stones and skins before we get to slicing.

The key to dehydrating any fruit is the thickness of the slices.

Sliced Mango

Ripe mango is pretty juicy so removing that moisture is going to take a long time if the slices are too thick. On the other side of the coin, thin slices will become sharp and brittle and the texture will not be quite so good.

I like to slice mango around 5mm thick or about 1/4 inch.

At this thickness, it will take around 10 hours to dry in a dehydrator and you will end up with a pleasingly firm yet slightly chewy texture to the dehydrate mango, great for snacking on.

How Do You Dry Mango In A Dehydrator?

Mango In Dehydrator

Once sliced into even slices to ensure equal drying it is really simple to dry the mango in a dehydrator.

Arrange the slices of mango on the dehydrator racks with plenty of space between to allow even airflow.

The racks can then be arranged in the dehydrator ready to start drying.

A dehydrator set at around 50C / 120F will take around 10 – 12 hours to dehydrate the Mango.

How To Dehydrate in the Oven

Using an oven to dehydrate mango is not quite as quick or efficient as using a dehydrator but still very simple.

You will need a few racks to arrange the mango on allowing room for warm air to circulate around the fruit.

Set your oven to its lowest temperature preferably with the fan on. If you don’t have a fan oven prop the door open to allow air circulation.

It takes quite a while to dry mango in the oven, upwards of 12 hours. Rotate the racks occasionally and check for dryness regularly.

What Temperature To Dehydrate Mango?

If you have temperature settings on your dehydrator you will want to set it at around 45 – 65C / 110 – 135F.

At this temperature range, you are retaining as much as the nutrients as possible in the mango but still drying in an acceptable time.

If you are drying the mango in the oven then set the temperature of the oven to its lowest and make sure the fan is on or the door is open.

How Long Does It Take To Dehydrate Mango?

Mango has a high sugar content and ripe mango tends to be rather juicy.  Both of these factors increase the drying time.

It will take on average anywhere between 8 – 12 hours to dehydrate mango.

It is a good idea to check how well dried they are regularly towards the end of the drying time to ensure they don’t get too brittle.

How To Store Dried Mango

Storing any dried fruit or vegetable is the same.

Once you have finished dehydrating the mango let it thoroughly cool and then it should be stored in airtight containers in a cool dark place.

How Long Will Dried Mango Last?

If you store the dehydrated mango in airtight containers then they will last months and still be good. The biggest problem is humidity or moisture so storing the dried mango in an airtight container is important.

If stored in this way the dehydrated mango will last months.

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